Best Gas Hedge Trimmer

Gas hedge trimmers are reliable and powerful. Some of the downsides include being heavier and more uncomfortable to use. However, this does not have to be the case–especially if you know what kind of hedge trimmer to get. To help you out, we have compiled a list of gas hedge trimmers that you can safely and comfortably use in your garden.

Why Get a Gas Hedge Trimmer?

When buying a new trimmer, it is always good to consider all options. Gas trimmers are great because they are much more powerful than electric trimmers. Though this means they are a bit heavier to operate, gas-powered hedge trimmers can cut faster and function in damp weather. Additionally, electric hedge trimmers require a wire and plugin. With the gas hedge trimmer, you don’t have to be tied down or restricted when cutting.

The Best Gas Hedge Trimmers

We understand that there are tons of has hedge trimmers out on the market. There are several features to consider and price points that may make or break the bank. We have compiled a list of the gas hedge trimmers we recommend, starting with–what we think–is the best gas hedge trimmer you can find.

#1 Husqvarna 122HD60

First up on our list is the Husqvarna 122HD60–what we believe is the best gas-powered hedge trimmer on the market. As mentioned before, gas hedge trimmers tend to be heavier, but this Husqvarna ensures that this is not the case. Only weighing in around 11 pounds, it is easy to use and operate.

Included in this hedge trimmer is a Smart Start system that provides an easy start with low noise. Plus, the air filtration system and air purge technology remove any air found in the carburetor so that you don’t have trouble getting the trimmer to start.

Even though this is a lightweight gas hedge, it goes above and beyond in terms of maneuverability. There is an adjustable rear handle that allows you to modify the trimmer according to how you want to go about trimming.

In terms of the engine, there is nothing super special about it. It is 21 CC 2 cycle gas-powered, so it can get the job done for more moderate garden jobs, particularly for everyday residential projects. However, the blade is great because it is a 23-inch dual-sided blade, which is really one of the best on the market.

#2 Poulan Pro PR2322

Our next pick is the Poulan Pro PR2322 22-inch, 23CC 2 cycle gas hedge trimmer. This Poulan Pro trimmer is great because not only is it cheaper, but it has a double-sided blade for a better cutting job. Plus, it is named “Amazon’s Choice,” which means that many reviewers think this hedge trimmer is worth the money–and we agree.

The engine is a 23CC 2 cycle full crank engine that produces optimal power. Additionally, the blade length is 22 inches with a diameter of about one inch. The dual action stainless steel blades can cut through almost any gardening job you may need to conquer.

Overall, this hedge trimmer is really easy to start and handle. It weighs a little over 11 pounds and possesses a rotating rear handle. Along with anti-vibration technology, it has never been more comfortable to do some garden trimming.

#3 Husqvarna 122HD45

The next gas trimmer on our list is yet another Husqvarna. This brand usually produces high-powered trimmers, and the 122HD45 is no different. With a 21CC 2 cycle engine, this device can cut through shrubs, bushes, and twigs up to 4/5-inches thick. The blade type is stainless steel and the blade length clocks in at around 18 inches. With all this high-quality material, it is weird to think that this gas hedge trimmer only weighs 10 pounds.

To add to the list of features, this dual-sided hedge trimmer has anti-vibration dampeners that limit noise and reduce the stress your body goes through when operating such equipment. Additionally, the start feature makes powering up super simple.

#4 Senix HT4QL

The fourth pick of our list is the Senix HT4QL. It has double-sided blades with not just a two-cycle engine, but a four-cycle full crank engine. Overall, this is the engine for maximum cutting because it has great power with little to no vibration.

The blades give you prices and accurate cutting with a length of 22 inches and a cutting capacity of 1.1 inches. Plus, the rear handle has a swivel ability so that you can reach all corners of your project. Even though it weighs a bit more than the others, the four-stroke engine and the excellent blades are what really make this a quality gas hedge trimmer.

#5 Huyosen Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The final pick of the list is the Huyosen Cordless Hedge Trimmer. The commercial-grade 2 cycle engine gives you a 2/3-inch cutting capacity. Additionally, this trimmer avoids the single-sided design and instead has a system of dual reciprocating blades.

The Huyosen was designed to keep you comfortable while you work. There is an ergonomic handle for ease of use, and a D-shaped design means you get a handle for maximum comfort. Plus, the visible fuel tank lets you see how much power remains. Safety is also a priority with this device. You can see that in the method of powering the trimmer. You need to make sure that both switches on the handle get flipped at the same time.


Gas hedge trimmers seem like overwhelming device, making the hunt for a high-quality one often difficult. We have found that to not be the case. Choose from any of the five we have listed, and you can be sure to get the gas hedge trimmer of your dreams. Whether it is a powerful 23CC 2-cycle or a full crank engine for maximum energy, you can get what you need to make subtle improvements or drastic changes to your yard.

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