Best 8 Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmer

It’s time to put down those manual shears and use the best hedge trimmer instead. You can achieve a cleaner cut when you’ve got the power you need.

Everyone has different needs and preferences. Therefore, you may want a cordless hedge trimmer that uses a battery to get the job done or an electric-powered hedge trimmer. Otherwise, your other choice is to consider gas hedge trimmers.

Various factors go into picking the right hedge trimmer. For example, the size of the bush/hedge you want to remove and the type or species makes a huge difference. Also, you’ve got to know how long you’re going to be cutting.

Power tools make it easier to cut through branches effortlessly. Let’s learn about the best hedge trimmers on the market.

Kobalt KHT 240-07

Those who don’t like gas-powered hedge trimmers are sure to appreciate this model. It’s a battery-powered hedge trimmer, so you can take it anywhere on the property. Plus, it has a long battery life. The running time does depend on what you’re trimming, though. Branches that are quite thick can eat up a lot of the power. However, it recharges in about an hour, making it the best cordless hedge trimmer out there.

You also get dual-action blades made of steel to cut through branches that are bigger. The steel blades slide through thick branches effortlessly. Depending on where you need to use the hedge trimmer, you may want to use an extension cord, and it is safe to do so. You can’t beat these electric trimmers.


The ECHO brand is one of the best for hedge trimmers. This gas-power hedge trimmer features 20-inch blades and a hoop-style front handle with a back handle, too. You’re going to appreciate this cordless hedge trimmer, though it is a little heavier than some of the others. Plus, you’ve got to mix up the gasoline and oil first.

We do feel that the laser-cutting for the blade provides precision, and you’ve got enough power for every trimming task imaginable.

Black + Decker LHT360CFF

The best hedge trimmers are lightweight and easy to handle. You want this brand because it’s got a 24-inch dual-action blade and is made from high-quality materials. You’re going to like the 60V battery, which offers a 4-hour run-time. We think it’s better than some of the corded electric hedge trimmers out there.

Plus, the double-sided blade works better than one that’s single-sided, giving you more power. Hedge trimmers like this have everything you could want. Just press a button, and it’s going to work for 4 hours on a single charge. You also get the Power Cut technology, so you get more power when you need it most.

Makita XHU40Z 18V Cordless Hedge Trimmer

If you’re looking for the best electric hedge trimmer, you want the one from Makita. We like the 25.5-inch blade. It’s a longer blade than some of the other products on the market, so you know it’s going to get through the hedges without a problem, even if they’re farther away.

Those who prefer a battery-powered trimmer are going to like this one. It uses an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, so it’s much better than the corded models. Plus, it has a handle on the back and up front to make it easier to utilize and carry.

We like this cordless electric hedge trimmer and feel that it has a better cutting capacity for thicker branches. There are six speeds and a durable motor.

DEWALT DCHT860M1 Trimmer

The DEWALT brand is well-known for its power tools, and when you’re trimming hedges, you want the best. This unit is primarily used by gardeners and landscapers. However, any homeowner can power up with it, too.

We think this is the top choice because of the accuracy and quality. You get the perfect blend of power and speed. It cuts through everything because the blade is sharp and uses hook-shaped teeth. The best part is you get a 22-inch blade, which means it’s durable and can get through just about anything.

DEWALT DCHT820B with 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Battery

The DEWALT 20V Max Hedge Trimmer is another top-of-the-line product and can cut your hedges effortlessly. We like that it features a 22-inch blade, which ensures it gets through the branches and helps you keep your lawn looking beautiful.

You’re going to appreciate the 20-volt lithium-ion battery. If you have a lot of DEWALT products, the batteries are interchangeable. This means that you can utilize whatever battery is charged and continue the cutting process.

Black + Decker LHT2436

This brand is by far the best when it comes to producing quality products. You’re going to like the 2,400 strokes per minute and the 24-inch dual-action steel blade. Both of these qualities ensure that you’re going to keep the lawn or landscaping looking its best.

We like the 40v battery, which makes cutting branches about that are 3/4 inches thick that much easier.

Ryobi RY40610A

If you plan to use your trimmer for long periods, you need the Ryobi brand. It has a long battery life, and the battery is removable. If you’ve got other Ryobi tools, the batteries are all interchangeable, as well. We like that it comes with 24-inch blades. They’re a little bigger to get through those tough branches!


Those who want the best hedge trimmer have a few options to consider now. We can’t really tell you which one is the best because some of them are gas-powered and others are cordless. Some require a battery and charger, while others run on your home’s power source. Still, they are all heavy-duty and easy to use.

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