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Top Black and Decker Hedge Trimmers to Consider

There are multiple ways of going about keeping your hedge manicured and looking neat. You could choose to go the more difficult route with a series of simple tools. While it’s not impossible to get the job done that way, it’s much more time consuming, and the cut may not necessarily be the best. That’s why hedge trimmers exist to make the job that much simpler.

When choosing a hedge trimmer, it’s important that you go with a reputable brand known for its designs. Black and Decker is one such brand, and it’s also known for the host of other power and household tools that it produces. As you would expect from such a big name in the industry, several different hedge trimmers have been designed for various applications.

Below is a review of the best Black and Decker hedge trimmers that you can get your hands on. Once you’ve gone through all the details, you should be able to identify one of the units that fit in with your unique use case.

Black+Decker BEHT350FF 22-inch Hedge Trimmer

The first entrant on the list is the very affordable BEHT350FF hedge trimmer. Note that you can purchase the trimmer on its own, or you can buy it with gloves, safety glasses, or a collection bin. Black and Decker is also big on PPE, so it is no surprise that these bundles exist.

This hedge trimmer features a 22-inch dual-action cutting blade that is comprised of hardened steel. It’s designed to reduce the amount of vibration you experience while you cut. If you’ve ever had to deal with vibration while using a hedge trimmer, you know that it hampers the amount of control you have over the trimming job. You also get the benefit of a 3/4-inch cutting capacity, which takes on thicker hedges very well. The 4.0 amp motor only serves to make the cutting process even smoother.

Thanks to an incredibly lightweight and compact design, this is not one of those trimmers that are going to present a ton of fatigue with use. There is also no need to worry about accidental unplugging because of the included cord retention. Some hedge trimmers can become uncomfortable to use from the way that you’re intended to hold them. This is not one of those units, as it is designed with a full wraparound front handle, which means more comfort as you trim. 

Black+Decker LHT2220B 20V Max Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The LHT2220B is next, and it’s one of Black and Decker’s cordless hedge trimmer variations. As with the previous entry, you can purchase the tool only or as a part of a variety of different bundles. Other elements of various bundles include gloves, a leaf collection bin, or an extra battery that’s 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0 Ah.

The blade is also a 22-inch one, and it features a dual-action design with vibration that is reduced by as much as 40% compared to traditional hedge trimmers. The 20V MAX Lithium-ion battery is not unique to this model. The good thing about that is you can easily swap your battery with your other lawn and power tools from the same manufacturer. Note that you get the benefits of a 3/4-inch cutting capacity, so both thinner and thicker hedges can be taken care of. 

Black and Decker offers a two-year limited warranty on this unit. However, the battery and charger are not covered under this offering.

Black+Decker LHT2436 40V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

Yet another cordless hedge trimmer makes an appearance as the third entry. It takes advantage of a very powerful 40V Lithium-ion battery with rechargeable capabilities. Apart from the tremendous power output, the battery also stands out with its long run time, which means you can get through lengthy and complex jobs without much of a problem.

The blade measures 24 inches, and it features a dual-action capability. As is the case with the other entries so far, vibration reduction is built into the design for more precise control. The cutting capacity is also 3/4-inch, which means you can handle thinner and thicker hedges very well. 

The wraparound handle makes a return here, and it provides tremendous comfort as you use it to bring a neat aesthetic to your hedges. Bundles are also available for the LHT2436, and they include items, such as the leaf collection bin, gloves, an extra 2.0 Ah battery, safety glasses, and a chainsaw.

Black+Decker LHT321FF 20V MAX Cordless Hedge Trimmer

The next entry sticks with the cordless theme, and it is Black and Decker’s LHT321FF trimmer. As you probably expected by now, Black and Decker offers the unit in a variety of bundles. Bundle items include the leaf collection bin, gloves, safety glasses, or an extra battery, which may be 2.0, 3.0, or 4.0 Ah. 

The battery included with the unit is Black and Decker’s powerful 20V Max Lithium-ion design. It offers tremendous power and extended runtime for longer cuts. Of course, you can swap the battery into other Black and Decker compatible units, and you can use their batteries in this unit.

The design features a 22-inch dual-action blade for smooth cutting and reduced vibration. The comfort and control are reinforced with ergonomic grips, which make longer cutting jobs possible. Your cutting capacity is again 3/4 inches.

Black+Decker BEHT150 Hedge Trimmer

The final entry on the list is another one that epitomizes affordability. Previous buyers of this hedge trimmer can attest that the low price has no bearing on the quality. Bundles make a return here, and they include items, such as safety glasses, the leaf collection bin, a leaf blower, or gloves. 

The blade is a little shorter than those of the previous models on this list, as it’s comes in at only 17 inches. Nevertheless, it’s made of hardened steel and features the same dual-action design, which means reduced vibration during the trimming process. 

It features a 3.2 amp motor and is a cutting capacity of 5/8 inches. While it doesn’t handle branches as thick as its prior counterparts, it does a tremendous job when used in its intended manner. Take advantage of another Black and Decker lightweight design, which makes for a process that creates much less fatigue. 

Though it’s a plug-in item, it has built-in cord retention, which mitigates the potential for accidental unplugging. The full-length trigger and the built-in T-handle are also conducive to better trimming control. 

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