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What Attachments Can You Get for Your Echo Hedge Trimmer?

If you’re reading this, you probably have a vested interest in hedge trimming. While it may not necessarily be a passion, you may want to learn more, so you can keep your hedge looking as fresh and tidy as possible. Pulling this off is going to require a hedge trimmer. You could choose to use another set of tools to get the job done, but why would you choose to make things more difficult for yourself when a tool gets the job done so conveniently?

There are numerous hedge trimmer manufacturers, and one of the best and most reliable is Echo. Apart from hedge trimmers, there are also other maintenance tools, such as leaf blowers and weed eaters. If you have an Echo power head that facilitates attachments, which ones can you use? Of course, you’re free to use the first-party options designed by the manufacturer, but some universal designs could be a big help to you.

Below is a look at a few hedge trimmer attachments that fall under both categories. Hopefully, once you’re done going through the information, getting the right attachment for your Echo unit shouldn’t be too hard a task.

Echo 99944200640 Mid-reach Hedge Trimmer Attachment

It’s only right to start the list with a hedge trimmer attachment designed by Echo. This unit is specially designed for the PAS-225, PAS-230, PAS-266, PAS-2620, and the PAS-280 Echo trimmers. You must pay attention to the part number (99944200640). If not, you may end up purchasing the wrong hedge trimmer attachment, which is never a good thing.

This unit features a 21-inch double-reciprocating, double-sided commercial cutter blade. It’s meant to yield incredible performance and a smooth cut for your trimming and sculpting needs. Longevity is a very important part of owning a hedge trimmer attachment. If that weren’t the case, you’d likely end up buying a new one very often. Thankfully, Echo decided to design a professional-grade extra heavy-duty offset gear case to promote the unit’s longevity.

Additionally, the manufacturer elected to include an aluminum support bar and a tip guard in the design. The cutting surface of a hedge trimmer attachment can take quite a beating with each subsequent use. The presence of these elements provides the necessary protection to stop accelerated wear and tear. 

Echo 99944200486 Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The second entry on the list is yet another hedge trimmer attachment that comes to you courtesy of Echo. Again, the part number (99944200486) is very important when you are making your purchase. If you try to connect it to an incompatible device, your ending is not going to be very happy. The devices that this hedge trimmer attachment supports are the PAS-225, PAS-266, PAS-230, PAS-2620, and the PAS280. 

The blade measures 21 inches, and it features Echo’s double reciprocating, double-sided RazorEdge blade design. Should you choose to make this hedge trimmer attachment a part of your hedge grooming needs, you can expect high performance and tight control. At 4.1 pounds, it’s incredibly lightweight, which is conducive to greater maneuverability. 

When connected to an Echo PAS power head, this hedge trimmer attachment gives you over five feet of reach. Therefore, those problem areas that are hard to get to should become much more accessible. An extra heavy-duty magnesium commercial-grade gear case is provided, which is intended to foster greater longevity. As is the case with the previous entry on the list, an aluminum support bar and tip guard come together to offer protection to the coating surface.

ClickLink Universal Hedge Trimmer Attachment

The next entry on the list is a design from ClickLink, which has universal compatibility. Note, however, that if you are attaching it to your Echo power head, it must be a unit that facilitates trimmer attachment swell. This unit makes easy work of your trimming and sculpting needs where hedges are concerned.

The blade is an impressive 22-inch dual-action corrosion-resistant blade. Not only does that attest to its ability to stand up to the elements, but it also means you are guaranteed a clean cut without much of a struggle. The unit also features continuous adjustability, which means you can lock it in at any position up to 135 degrees. Angle manipulation means that you can get through your cutting with greater precision.

The construction is comprised of heavy-duty metallic parts, which are conducive to immense durability. You wouldn’t want to have to buy new hedge trimmer attachments at regular intervals, and this one ensures that you are going to have it for a long time.

All you need to do to get started with it is swap out your trimmer’s lower end.

Sunseeker MFT26I-hedge A Trimmer Attachment

Sunseeker gets the next spot on the list with its MFT26I model. The blade on this one is slightly shorter than the others discussed, as it only stands at 15 inches. Nevertheless, the metal dual-action design has the power to take on some of the thickest hedges. It’s built with an articulating head that allows you to trim at various angles. Though it doesn’t provide the benefit of continuous adjustments, you can set it at 12 different positions. You should be able to find at least one angle in each context that works for you. The 30-inch shaft compounds all this, so hard to reach areas should be a thing of the past.

TrimmerPlus TPH721 22-inch Dual Hedger Attachment

The final hedge trimmer attachment on the list is from TrimmerPlus, and it’s the 22-inch TPH721 model. The blade features three-quarter inch gaps, which means dealing with thick hedges shouldn’t be a problem. It also features an articulating head that can lock in any position between the zero and 135-degree mark. The design has full metal case construction, which can effectively stand up to continuous heavy-duty use. The two-year manufacturer’s warranty that you receive is a testament to TrimmerPlus’ confidence in their design.

This is one of the best combinations of performance, price, and intuitiveness in a single design. You can’t go wrong by attaching this unit to your Echo power head. 

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