How to Use a Hedge Trimmer

how to use hedge trimmer

A hedge trimmer is a great tool to make garden maintenance easy and smooth. It’s important for your safety and the look of your hedge to know how to use a trimmer safely and properly. You have to remember to clear the area you are going to work on, wear proper clothes, and always use a trimmer with safety in mind.

Follow this guide to learn how to use a hedge trimmer step by step.

Protect Yourself

Before starting your work, always check if all the following safety measurements are met:

  • You wear heavy-duty clothes, including pants, to better protect your body,
  • You use eye, ear, feet, and hand protection,
  • You check if the power cords are firmly located,
  • You verify that the trimmer blades are well-lubricated,
  • You review the area next to the hedge and remove any objects that might be a safety hazard.

When you use the trimmer, you should hold the front and backhand grip for security. Your thumb should be located under the handle. Never place your hands near the blade after the protective guard.

To keep your hedge neat, the blades of your trimmer should be sharp. Otherwise, they can snag and make uneven cuts. You can bring your blades to a shop to sharpen them or do it at home if you feel comfortable enough.

How to Make Your Garden Beautiful

  1. Plan Your Design

To create a unique yet classy landscape, you should think about the design. With the project in mind or on paper, it’s going to be easier for you to reach the goal you need. You can use your hedges as a privacy screen or add a bit of personality to your backyard.

  • Connect Your Trimmer

Before starting work, verify if you have long enough extensions to do your trimming job. For safety, check if the extension cord is in a safe spot and that you can reach all the areas you want to trim, height-wise also.

Always keep the cord behind you to avoid the risk of cutting it with the trimmer.

  • Trim from the Bottom to the Top

While trimming your hedge, you should always start from the bottom and work your way up. Trimming can take a bit of time, so be patient and don’t speed up the process.

Pay attention to how deep you trim. It’s better to go slow to avoid cutting too deep into the hedge, as that can make your hedge look uneven. There is no reason to force the trimmer: it’s going to work for you gently.

  • Focus on the Edges

Cutting the edges of your hedge is very important, not only for esthetics. They should be angled the way that allows sunshine to pierce through the branches to the root system, which can boost your hedge’s growth.

Bushes that create hedges are usually narrow on the top and wider at the bottom. Because of that, you have to use the angle to trim them correctly.

  • Cut the Tops

Nothing gives a hedge a sharper look than cut tops. Many homeowners are scared of doing this part of the work. However, when you know what you are doing, it’s one of the easiest bits.

You have to guide the trimmer right and left while keeping it on the top level of the hedge. The very important thing here is to be slow and cut just a few inches at a time. Remember that you should always start with the bottom part of a hedge, so trimming the tops is going to be your last job.

If you are just learning how to trim, you might use a set of stakes. Connect them with a string that can be used as your focal point while trimming.

  • Have a Final Look

When you are done with trimming, always have your final look. Step back to get perspective and a better view and verify if everything was trimmed as it should be. You can always go back and add some extra touches.

After trimming, you should clear the area with a sweeping brush or rake. Now, take care of cleaning your trimmer. Never do it when the trimmer is on or plugged into electricity.

Oil the blades, so it is going to be in good condition next time you want to use it. If you see that there is any problem with the blades or the trimmer, get it repaired before using it next time.


Before and during work, always follow the safety rules, wear protective gear, and hold it in a proper way.

Using a trimmer can be an easy task once you know what you are doing. Getting your hedge in the shape of an animal might take a lot of practice, but after reading this guide, you can most probably trim it in a slightly less sophisticated way.

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