How to work safely with a Hedge trimmer?

work safely

Exercise to Be Do Do Do This

rugs, plants, cars, etc… Any item that will interfere with your work should be removed from your workspace.

Then choose a good-sized hedge trimmer. Should you decide to use a hedge trimmer other than a clawfoot, be sure to choose one that comes with an adequate base plate to give you stability when trimming. You don’t want to accidentally damage anything around you.

Look for something built to handle abuse. Avoid the production of a mechanical shock, like this model, which actually shocks your whooping crane.

To prepare for use, make sure to stand tall and remain calm. Use a rubber gloves and safeguard your wrists with buffers. Any sharp objects should be removed from the workspace to avoid any accidental cutting.

As with all other tools, always practice the proper technique before going to work. Learn to operate and get comfortable.

Kind of dismiss it as being ridiculous, but it’s pretty difficult to trim with just your feet when doing the job down at the salon. This example shows how long it takes to get it right.


Exercises to Be Do Do this exercise first, before going into the branch on the left.

Do this exercise first, before going into the branch on the left.

Exercise #1: stepping down with smooth high two foot steps.

Exercise #2: walking with high one foot steps.

Exercise #3: walking while holding a weight to both feet.

Exercise #4: walk with high hip steps.

Exercise #5: step over a firm part with foot lean forward

Exercise #6: step over a few firm steps with one foot lean forward

Exercise #7: walking with one foot lean forward and holding a weight in the other foot.

Exercise #8: walking with hip steps.

Exercise #9: walking with one foot lean forward, holding a weight in the other foot.

Exercise #10: stepping over a thick branch, step over a half which may have several stakes in the ends.

Exercise #11: stepping toward a series of 8 stakes. Step over many of the first 8 stakes as well as a few stakes on the end of straight branches.

Exercise #12: Step over many stakes and step over other branches.

Exercise #13: Step over many stakes, step over a long green branch, and step over some more stakes.

Exercise #14: step over a big thorn bush.

Exercise #15: stepping over several large thorns and another thick branch.

Exercise #16: stepping over a green branch with a very thick succulency. Four or five steps are all it takes for this step to be removed.

Exercise #17: step over a couple of thin dry-fertilized, shrew bush extensions.

Exercise #18: backward walk onto a thistle bush.

Exercise #19: step over a single branch directly with one foot lean forward.

Exercise #20: sweep left and rest on left foot while having one foot lean forward fully while keeping one foot across, face down.

Exercise #21: sweep right to the left, stepping one foot up onto a branch, then step forward while bearing down on the other foot to step forward more.

Exercise #22: hike with one foot on a thick branch only strengthened by a large stick.

Exercise #23: mow with a deep stride on a narrow branch straightened up by a small stone.

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