Ryobi Hedge Trimmer Attachment

RYOBI Hedge Trimmer Attachment
Great Hedge Trimmer Attachment Choices for Ryobi Trimmers

Trimming your hedge and ensuring it has a desirable shape is a part of keeping it looking fresh and healthy. It’s more than just a border, and you ought to ensure that you take the necessary time for maintenance. While you could use a series of different tools to take care of your trimming needs, nothing beats a hedge trimmer in this regard. Of course, you need to source a reliable hedge trimmer attachment for the complete package.

Ryobi makes a couple of amazing hedge trimmers, which are a perfect starting point for getting things looking pristine. Which hedge trimmer attachments fit the units, and what kind of features do they offer? Thanks to universal designs, not all the said attachments need to be first-party creations, and that’s one of the points that you’re reading is going to be highlighting very well.

So, while there are a couple of hedge trimmers listed and reviewed that were created by Ryobi, there are a couple of others that also have universal nature.

Ryobi Expand-it 17 1/2 in. Universal Hedge Trimmer Attachment

There is no better way to start this list than with one of the designs directly from Ryobi. As you’d expect, there is perfect compatibility with Ryobi trimmers, but it doesn’t end there. This attachment is designed to work with a series of different brand names.

The blade is a 17½-inch dual-action double-sided one that features a reciprocating moving pattern. It’s meant to ensure that you can have greater control over your cutting sessions without having to worry about dealing with any unwanted vibration. Additionally, the whole design is incredibly lightweight, so maneuvering it around should be a cakewalk. 

Addressing new growth and branches is where this unit excels the most, provided that the branches are up to 3/8 inches thick. 

As you’d expect from a Ryobi design, the components used in creating the hedge trimmer attachment are a testament to durability. Therefore, you should be able to successfully capitalize on its features for a long time to come. 

Ryobi Expand-it 15-inch Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment

In sticking with the Ryobi theme, it’s time to review another design directly from the manufacturer. This time, it’s the 15-inch variation in the Expand-It line. It features a dual-action blade, and even with the disparity in length, it’s still more than enough to get the job done. A 3/4-inch spacing is featured here, which is conducive to handling jobs that require you to tackle thick hedges. 

Adjustability is also present, thanks to the nine-position pivoting head. While some may say that nine positions offer much less convenience than other models that either offer continuous adjustment or more intervals, when combined with the ability to maneuver a power head, you should have no problem at all reaching anywhere you want to. 

This model is also designed to be compatible with power heads from a slew of different manufacturers. Of course, it does require that the said power heads can facilitate a hedge trimmer attachment.

Ryobi RXAHT01 Expand-it Articulating Hedge Trimmer Attachment with SmartTool Technology

The third and final Ryobi entry on the list is another in the Expand-It series. The blade measures 18 inches, and it offers dual reciprocating cut functionality. What that means for you is a quick and clean experience. Even the most difficult of hedges can be tackled adeptly with the 90-degree articulating head. You should also note that there is a one-inch cutting capability, which makes even the thickest of branches a breeze. 

The inclusion of Smart Tool technology helps to contribute to the universal appeal of this design. For each power head that it’s attached to, it can optimize its performance. Therefore, it’s possible for different customers who have different power heads to get perfect experiences when they use this build for their hedge trimming needs. 

TrimmerPlus TPH7211 22-inch Dual Hedger Attachment

Here is yet another hedge trimmer attachment that makes a great addition to your Ryobi power head. As you’d expect, it also facilitates a host of different brands. So, if your power head is a Kobalt, Craftsman, Snapper, etc., don’t get discouraged, as there is likely support for you too. The trimmer you use may be gas-powered, so while it performs well, you must be prepared to deal with the potential fumes you may encounter. PPE is key here when you operate the device.

One of the standout qualities is the sturdy build quality that TrimmerPlus managed to put together. Instead of using inferior plastic components, there is a lot of metal in the design, which gives it the ability to stand up to the most heavy-duty uses. 

At 22 inches, this unit features the longest dual-action blade on the list. Additionally, the blade can be locked at any point within its 135-degree adjustment range. As you can imagine, that has positive implications for those who want to trim their hedges in the most precise manner.

Sunseeker MFT26I Hedge A Trimmer Attachment

Sunseeker designed this model for third party applications more than anything else. It’s part of a long line of universal attachments intended to be coupled with various powerheads that customers may have. Therefore, there is no doubt that your attachment capable Ryobi unit can facilitate it. 

Additionally, if you are looking for something on the more affordable side of the spectrum, it’s almost impossible to go wrong here. Before you start to worry, the cost does not imply the quality of the build you receive. Ironically, you’d be hard-pressed to tell the constructive difference between this model and one of the more expensive variations. 

It has a 15-inch dual-action cutting blade that is not particularly suited to either thin or thick hedges. Instead, it’s built to handle either that you may throw at it adeptly. As far as adjustability goes, you don’t have the benefit of continuous adjustment on your side. However, there are 12 different convenient positions in the adjustment range you can take advantage of and lock your blade into. Of course, you can maneuver your power head for additional precision. There’s also a 30-inch shaft, which makes for improved reach. 

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