The Best Bark Collar for Long Haired Dogs

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While barking is a very natural phenomenon for dogs, it can become a disturbing problem for dog owners and other surrounding persons. The good news is that a dog can be trained to cut out excessive barking just as it can be trained to sit. Successfully pulling this off depends on the reinforcement method that is used.

Anti-bark collars are the perfect tool, as they help dogs associate excessive barking with a negative feeling, by inducing an undesirable form of stimulation once it begins. With enough time, the dog starts to realize what is happening, and the owner gets the satisfaction and peace of curbing the behavior.

Unfortunately, many people end up in a position with one of these collars that is utterly useless because it does not fit their dog. Dogs come in various shapes and sizes, and some have thicker fur than others. Long-haired dogs can be particularly challenging when looking for an anti-bark collar. Without enough width and grip, the collar is not going to fit, or it is not going to stay where you want it to. Thankfully, there are a few products below that are perfect for these kinds of dogs.

STOPWOOFER No Shock Bark Collar for Dogs

One of the best things about this collar from STOPWOOFER is the lack of a shock option. There’s always going to be a consideration for how humane a traditional shock collar is. Therefore, it’s very commendable when a manufacturer designs one of these collars with other reinforcement methods. This one uses vibration and beep mode at seven different levels of intensity. There is a safety threshold built-in, so if the dog goes on for too long, the collar deactivates itself for a minute. 

This anti-bark collar is suitable for dogs that have a neck width between 6.7 and 21.65 inches. The material is also built to remain in place. When both things are considered, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you to get this collar to stay where you want it on a long haired dog. 

The smart chip that sits at the center of the design works to protect your dog from any false positives. It would be a massive problem if various environmental sounds and barking from other dogs could trigger the collar. Instead, the device can pick up and isolate barking that is coming directly from your dog, and it does not respond to anything else. As the device is very safe, feel free to leave it on your dog when you need to go out. 

Educator BP-504 Bark-less Pro Anti-bark Control

This collar is billed as the most effective and humane way to stop unwanted barking without causing stress to your dog. It is one of the more pricey alternatives, but its functionality makes up for the high price tag in spades. The device uses what is known as advanced bark suppression technology, which progressively trains the dog to cease the unwanted behavior.

The size and the multimode features make the device practical and applicable to both small and large dogs. It is sizing also makes it conducive to long-haired dogs as needed. Note that the collar can identify the difference between protection-based barking and nuisance barking. Therefore, when the dog is barking to warn you, there is no trigger to cease the behavior. However, once that’s not the case, and your dog is just noisy, the mechanism is going to kick in.

There is a five-second delay between stimulation activation intervals, so the dog’s safety can be protected. The said stimulation is tone only, and it offers different levels and an auto mode. You can use the LED light on the device as a status indicator of where the battery lies. Additionally, if your dog likes to play in the water, that shouldn’t be a problem since water and shock resistance are built into the design.

Trulrox Non-bark Rechargeable Collar

The next option on the list is none other than this model from Trulrox. The fit is all but universal, which means long-haired dogs can slot themselves in as quickly as a small puppy would be able to. The belt is reflective, so it provides adequate visibility when it starts to get dark outside. 

No electric shock is implemented in this collar either, and it uses vibration and beep reinforcement. The smart design is also present here, as it can precisely identify when your dog is barking, versus other dogs and various environmental sounds. Without this functionality working optimally, your dog would find itself paying for sounds it has no control over. 

Loop triggering is possible, which means that the device will continuously trigger itself during an ongoing bark phase instead of just triggering once. Thankfully, a protection mode was included to ensure that your dog is kept safe. If the collar should be activated seven times in a minute, it detects that this is unsafe for the dog. At this point, the device times out for two minutes before it can resume its function again. 

Note that there is a reusable battery included, and the collar features a waterproof design, which means you don’t need to limit the dog’s fun.

NPS No Shock Bark Collar

The first thing to appreciate here is the futuristic look that this collar has. It can fit around up to 25 inches in circumference, making it suitable for long-haired dogs. Additionally, the unit is best suited for those that are between six and 125 pounds. There is no shocking present here, as the unit makes use of vibration and sound. Of course, the intensity level appreciates as the dog presses on, and there is a feature present to disable the device when it has been working for too long. The workflow is automated, so once your dog starts barking, the collar is going to handle the rest. At first glance, it may appear that the unit is a bit much for a dog to carry around comfortably. However, the design is a very lightweight one that is conducive to immense

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Oren Ratzon

I love dogs very much and from a very young age I take care of dogs.
And I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years about proper dog training

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I love dogs very much and from a very young age I take care of dogs.
And I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years about proper dog training

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