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Barking comes very naturally to dogs, but sometimes it gets to a disturbing and excessive extent. Your only option at this point is to take the necessary actions to train your dog in a way that cements the idea of barking less in its head. Achieving this means that your dog must get to the point of seeing excessive barking as something bad, as opposed to its not being a problem at all. 

The only way to achieve this is to use an anti-bark collar. The collar responds to the dog’s excessive barking by activating one or more potential triggers. The activating of the trigger creates an experience that is not pleasurable for the dog. The resulting action is that the dog begins to associate the negative stimulation source with the excessive barking. Once this association is adequately made, then you are going to notice that the excessive and disturbing barking begins to fade away.

Small dogs can be a bit of a problem where finding an anti-bark collar is concerned. The collar you choose must fit around comfortably around the animal’s neck, so it doesn’t become extremely uncomfortable. To this end, here are some of the best such devices for smaller dogs among you. 

MODUS Bark Control Device

One of the most amazing things about the first option on the list is the humane way it performs the necessary training to curb Your dog’s behavior. Instead of being a collar that potentially uses electric shock technology to “whip” your dog into shape, it uses sound to its advantage. It’s very much universal since it doesn’t require anything to be locked around the animal’s neck. 

Once the excessive barking begins, you can press the button, which generates a sound frequency that disturbs the dog. Over time, the dog is going to start to understand that the device is only used when the barking becomes excessive. Note that the unit is recommended to train other behaviors, including fighting, digging, and eating unsafe food. 

The sound used is an ultrasonic one, which means that while it gets the dog’s attention and completes the function that you desire, there is no danger to human or dog hearing. All breeds and sizes can benefit from the said device. 

Since it is entirely based on audio, the only drawback is that it does not work on dogs with a hearing impairment.

Paipaitek No Shock Dog Training Collar

The second option on the list is also a very humane one since it does not include the ability to shock the animal. Paipaitek designed this anti-bark collar with a convenient remote with a staggering range of up to 1600 feet. Both the collar and the remote have a rechargeable battery, and it only takes two hours to charge. Once the charge is complete, you can use the item for up to 20 days before another charge is due.

The methods used for stimulation are beep and vibration. The latter has 10 different intensity adjustment levels, which are used based on the extent to which the dog is noisy. Of course, a vibration-based device factors in hearing-impaired dogs since nothing stops them from feeling the collar’s vibrations.

Dogs that weigh between four and 60 pounds are the best for this collar, which speaks to how suitable it is for animals of the smaller variety. 

The collar features an IPX7 waterproof design, so your dog is free to play around in the rain and water as it wishes without your having to worry about the color getting destroyed. The manufacturer is tremendously confident in the design, which is why you get a lifetime warranty. 

Petsafe Remote Spray Trainer

The third alternative for smaller dogs sticks with the human theme, as there is no shock feature present in this collar. Instead, it uses what is known as spray training to teach your dog obedience. Upon activation, the collar uses either an unscented are citronella spray to reinforce the need to stop excessive barking.

A remote is a part of this package, and it has a 300-yard range that allows you to train your dog inside or outdoors safely. You don’t have to use the spray option, as the collar features vibration and beep stimulation methods if you are more comfortable with those.

The design features a rechargeable battery that only requires two hours for charging. On a full charge, you can get 40 hours of utilization from the device. Dogs as light as eight pounds can take advantage of this collar, and you can add a second one to your existing remote. 

Each purchase includes both an unscented and citronella spray cartridge that you can use in your training regimen. It’s recommended that you try them both and see which one is more effective for your dog before you opt for any refills. Note that apart from intense barking, you may use this collar to address jumping, digging, chewing, etc. 

DogRook Rechargeable Dog Bark Collar

Humane is the name of the game here again, as no shock tactics are included with this collar either. It is suited to small dogs, as much as it is to medium and large ones. Evaluation shows a 96% success rate in decreasing unwanted barking when this collar is brought into the equation. It has seven different stages of beeps and vibration. The two are alternated and used by the collar depending on the intensity of the barking at play.

While there is a remote included, you may also put the color on automatic mode, where it evaluates the sound coming from your dog and takes the appropriate response. It always only starts with a sound signal and begins to implement the vibration as the barking continues. Of course, if you want to take a more manual approach, you are free to start using the remote. As the device is a very safe one, you can leave it at home on your dog even when you are away.

A USB cable, two color covers, and plastic prongs are included to help you customize the collar and give it your artistic flair. 

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Oren Ratzon

I love dogs very much and from a very young age I take care of dogs.
And I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years about proper dog training

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I love dogs very much and from a very young age I take care of dogs.
And I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years about proper dog training

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