What Is a Hedge Trimmer ?

hedge trimmer

If you are new to gardening, you might wonder what exactly a hedge trimmer is. Simply put, it’s a machine thanks to which you can get rid of excessive branches on your hedge. You can also use it to give your hedge a unique shape.

There are various options of hedge trimmers on the market, so you might have a look at this guide before deciding what trimmer you should get.

Different Types of Hedge Trimmers

You can buy a hedge trimmer in stationary gardening shops or online. There are three main types of trimmers:

  1. Electric with cord,
  2. Electric cordless,
  3. Gas.

Gas-powered trimmers are common, thanks to the high power they can provide. However, they are being displaced by electronic versions. Gas trimmers are messy, as they need a mix of oil and gas. They are also loud and quite heavy.

Electric trimmers are lightweight and much quieter. One with a cord might have more power but can also be more dangerous as, if the safety measurements are not applied, someone can trip over it, or you can cut the cord.

Cordless options are the safest. They are powered by a battery, and they are the cheapest option. However, you are going to do your job much slower than with the electric trimmer powered with a cord. This type of trimmer can be a good choice when you take care of smaller garden spaces.

Types of Blades

In addition to the type of power that your trimmer uses, you can also pick the type of blade: single or double-action.

  • Single-action blades

This type of blade is dedicated to trimming long, straight stretches of bushes. They need to be used with a bigger machine, to not unbalance it. Those trimmers are also compatible with clipping collectors. Thanks to this, you can be sure that cutting is easy, as you can remove loose vegetation while you work.

Those types of blades are recommended to experts who take care of big gardens or even hedge mazes rather than casual users. The longer the blade is, the quicker you can do your job, but it’s not good for more precise garden work.

  • Double-sided blades

This type of trimmers is recommended for most people. The blades are shorter, which increases maneuverability. Thanks to this, you can perform the cut quickly.

They are great for small gardens but can also be useful for those who like shaping shrubs and bushes. Thanks to the easiness of using these blades, you can even try to cut a figure out of your bush.

What Type of Bushes Can You Cut with a Trimmer?

You can use your trimmer to cut various types of large and small bushes, including:

  • Boxwoods
  • Hornbeam
  • Privet
  • Hawthorn
  • Yew Shrubs
  • Holly Bushes
  • Portuguese Laurel
  • Green Beech
  • and more.

The best time to trim your hedges is outside of the dormant period. That’s usually in the late fall or winter months.

How Much Should My Hedge Trimmer Weigh?

You have to pick the weight of the trimmer wisely. If it is too heavy, you can ruin your hedgerows or even cause an accident. Generally, the lighter the trimmer, the better. That rule is especially important for beginners that are just starting their adventure with hedge trimming.

Additional Features That You Should Pay Attention to While Picking a Hedge Trimmer

You already know what types of trimmers you can choose from and have some idea about the blades. Now it’s time for extra features. As there is more competition on the market, many brands add additional perks to their trimmers to make the work more comfortable and safer.

Here are some of them:

  • Dual Switches -to use your trimmer, you have to have both hands in the right place. Thanks to this, whenever you take your hand off from the switch, the trimmer is going to turn off. That provides you with extra safety while working.
  • On Lock – You have to use the on lock feature to keep your trimmer going without you constantly pressing the trigger. This way you can feel more comfortable, especially while working for long periods.
  • Off Lock – You can use this option to safely store your trimmer. It prevents accidents and should be used especially for those who have kids at home.
  • Wraparound Handle – This feature was designed to make handling the trimmer more comfortable.
  • Warranty – When you buy a product, notice if you also get a good warranty. That’s the proof that the manufacturer believes in their products, and that gives you peace of mind that you are buying a good trimmer.


Now that you know what a trimmer is and how it works, you can pick your best option. Have in mind all the mentioned factors and choose the one that suits your needs best. Don’t forget to check out any additional features.

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